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Supah Protist
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I would agree that the self discovery trend is present in everyone, but I’m not sure that it’s a major part of everyone’s life. As far as I can tell, most people I know aren’t interested in self discovery, at least not to the same extent that I am. That’s an anecdotal example, but even if you look at society at large, there aren’t that many resources being spent on developing self knowledge. I’d even say that people spend more money on self development resources (personal growth, self help etc.) than they do on trying to understand themselves. Most people aren’t even aware of areas like typology that could develop their self knowledge.


I think self discovery may be an essential ingredient for living the most meaningful life, but I don’t think everyone is actually pursuing that ingredient. I’m not saying that self knowledge is the only or even the key ingredient for living a meaningful life, I think it’s just one part of the picture that may need to be balanced with other aspects. I think for some people, self discovery may be more of a tool they use to facilitate other objectives. I just think there are tons of people who don’t put as high a premium on self knowledge as others.

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