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@supahprotist – the main issue I see is that self discovery seems to be a pretty big theme in everyone’s life.

I doubt you can have a meaningful life and not seek self discovery. I can’t see how you could get around it as a human. There is this old gate covered by moss and ivy with the word “Know thyself !” written on it. I don’t think it’s there only for some types. I think it is there for everyone, that it’s a general human experience.

And if there is a reason for us to be here, this is it. You can’t get around it, no matter what functions you have, in what hierarchy they are and which ones are developed.

I may be wrong but I don’t think any outside object could have greater meaning. Not even the people you love or something you are fighting for.

Basically life seems to be an oscillation between the desire to know yourself and the things that distract you from it or that you use as a distraction. Because, in the end, anything could be behind that door. So, is it really wise to open it? If you feel it might not be wise, the focus goes more to the distractions. But even if it does, your main aims are still not the distractions. You are just taking another route that at some point will lead you to the same door.

I am not entirely sure if what I said here is what everyone feels or if I just described what I feel.

There is another thing. I don’t fully understand it but I tend to believe that if you open the door, you find the world. The real world. I can’t explain it though, I am just peeking. πŸ™‚

Anyway, basically my questions are :

– is self discovery something inherently human and not related to functions?

– is it a process similar to discovering the world and therefore a Pe thing ?

– is it more probable for revisers to be more into self discovery than conductors, like I suggested earlier?

– is it more probable for Pi leads to focus on it because Pi would be building a tapestry where everything fits together?

– is self discovery a process that involves all functions and more likely if they are all developed? Or do they become developed because of it?


@tea – same here, my Se seems to serve a different agenda though it’s my first function. It seems to serve Fi’s agenda. πŸ™‚

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