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  • Type: SeFi
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I am also an Se lead and I focus a lot on understanding myself. And I think I do this primarily using Se and Fi. I perceive something, an object (and ideas or theories are also considered objects), by exploring the world, and then I try to discern if this object is aligned to my values/feelings/interests or not and after that, if I am successful, I know more about the object and about myself.

For example, I saw some interesting collages today and after taking the images in, I tried to determine how much they were aligned to my beliefs. Which is basically the same as self discovery, isn’t it? Because in order to discover something about yourself, you need to take information from the world and evaluate it compared to yourself. Or maybe you could do this another way but I can’t see it right now. 🙂

This could be more confusing because you also have Ni developed. But self discovery sounds to me like a mixture of Pe and Ji.

I believe you think you are just looking inside yourself because this is what I would also believe in the first place. But this can’t be so. I think you need to seek many objects and compare them to yourself to discover yourself. Because by just looking inside, if there is no input, you don’t have anything to compare to and can’t determine anything about yourself.

And I think you can also use Ni to make a tapestry of yourself or of everything, including yourself. But self discovery would be something you do before building this model you are talking about.

I actually think the mixture of Se, Ti and Ni conscious would leave to this being a major interest for you. But I see it as being Pe and Ji in the first place.

I’m curious what others think about this. It’s a very interesting topic and I think most of us are very much into self discovery, so it’s very important to everyone.


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