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Supah Protist
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Hey @faeruss,


My confusion results from the description of Pe as necessarily proactive or oriented towards the object.I know I’m engaged in Pe exploration when I’m asking questions like the one in the original post or reading information about typology, I’m exploring objective content, but these activities don’t seem to fit with having Pe in a primary position in my hierarchy. I don’t seem to be exploring objective content for its own sake. The exploration seems to be serving a higher agenda, as a function lower in the hierarchy serves the agenda of a function higher in the hierarchy. My conception is that if I were a Pe-Lead, then I would be primary interested in discovery in general as opposed to self-discovery. I would agree that I seem to be dealing with Pe plus introversion, but as far as I can tell, exploration in the sole service of introversion is atypical of a Pe-Lead. I’m definitely using Pe to discover information, but as I said earlier, it seems to be serving the agenda of another function and since I’m pretty convinced I am a P-Lead, I surmise that it may serving a Pi agenda.


Following from this, I understand that Pi isn’t perception plus introversion, but I do wonder if it could potentially be more stereotypically introverted in reality than it is currently conceptualized. Another way I conceptualize my current introspective tendencies is that I’m trying to form a model of myself. A worldview is a model of the world, so perhaps Pi is in play here. Another possibility is that this is Pe in service of Ji and I have Pe polar and Ji tertiary. That may be a more plausible explanation then saying that I’m experiencing Pe in service of Pi and that Pi is more introspective than originally thought. Yeah. I think that would make more sense. I think what I can take away from this at present is that I’m definitely not an extraverted type. For extraverted types, Ji is lower than Pe and thus serves Pe. What I’m observing is the other way around. I’m only exploring (Pe) in order to better understand myself (Ji).


Edit: Thinking back on prior material, I realize that the inner oscillation serves the outer oscillation. At the very least, I can say that my exploration has no practical agenda (Pe over Je and thus P-Lead) and I can less confidently assume that if Pi has any introspective qualities that I have Pi over Pe.

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