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You say that what we call God is the pattern of patterns. But I want to ask you something – are these patterns similar to Plato’s Ideas or are they similar to spiritual rules, like karma ? Or are they actually the physical rules by which the Universe works ? How do you see them? Can you give an example of a sub-pattern ?

Both Plato’s Ideas and such spiritual rules would fall under the very broad idea of pattern I have in mind. The same goes for physical rules, which have often been conceived of as “cosmic habits” – cosmic patterns or regularities. I see patterns in a rather technical way, I suppose. As a mathematician, I think mathematics is the precise science of patterns. Giving a general definition of pattern seems elusive, however. But examples might help, and indeed you ask of an example of a sub-pattern. Here’s something that comes to mind: you count collections of objects and you notice a pattern: some of them have the same number of objects and some don’t. The idea of quantity emerges as this pattern over collections of objects. Then you start looking at these quantities and notice a pattern: some of them can be thought of as smaller than others, and you can make a general observation that the quantity A is smaller than the quantity B if the underlying objects of A can be thought of a properly smaller subcollection to those of B. You start developing a theory of quantity, patterns to the pattern of quantity. Let me know if that’s clear.

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