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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

To give a practical example of how this might be useful in our investigation of types…

Lets say someone wants to know if they’re an Ni lead type, because they have lots of Ni. Well, we can run this by our understanding of: primary Ni, auxiliary Ni, tertiary Ni and polar Ni.

For primary Ni, it’s not just the interest in the Ni topics (thematic convergence/the-esoteric/etc) — as all four versions of Ni have this — but primary Ni would have the added qualities of conductor forwardness, pragmatic tracking in collaboration with auxiliary Je. It would have senex energy, a resistant and antagonistic relationship to change/Pe, and so forth.

For polar Ni, it would have the same interest in Ni topics, but it would exist in service to a Pe-lead agenda with generative abilities, experimentation and open-endedness. It would be the Pi “storehouse” of Pe’s gathering. Rather than them being a senex, they would be a puer with a fancy for the magical. A Pe painter or artist with undertones that draw from the arcane Ni material.


In this sense, the “volume” of Ni present is not the determining factor of hierarchy, but in how Ni is used in relation to the other functions. @faeruss – Let me know your ideas on this. And anyone else too, what do you guys think of this interpretation?

I’ll have GIFs later to demonstrate why I think this is accurate from a vutlological perspective …but I wanted to start with the psychology first. Thanks!

p.s. Also @animal – your relationship to your Ni-lead dad may be informative here, as to the difference in hierarchy positions for functions. If you wanted to share your thoughts?

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