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@Auburn – thank you ! I think I’m starting to understand the differences better.

I also realized that I was making some mistakes or hanging on older biases without realizing it. In my mind, feelings (and emotions) were connected to water. And after finding out about CT, I started to also see Fi as somehow being represented by water. And I knew very well that feelings are not Fi, but when thinking about this whole thing in images, I saw water and I thought about it in vague terms as both feelings (in the general sense of the word) AND Fi. And it puzzled me a bit how you should actually use a turbulent sea as a J function. :)) I read about it and I could say Fi was a compass function and doing this and that,  but when imagining it, I basically saw water, that was already heavily connected to feelings and I had no idea what that had to do with discerning what is true from what is false. So, I dismissed this dilemma and kept thinking in theory 🙂 that Fi is used as a compass but in reality I did not have a clear image about how it worked as a compass.

And only now I realized – emotions are actually waves, movements in the water and feelings are maybe more like currents? And most of the times, waves bring all sorts of impurities up. So, the whole purification process should be striving to calm the lake surface, in order to make the water clearer, so it can better reflect the sky.

I think this is precisely the reason why I thought that there is a connection between Fi and death. Because making the lake surface still and pure implies stopping the waves, in order to let the water become clear again. You can’t have stormy seas and clear water at the same time. But the waves look like the life of water. So, stopping them is an act of destruction. A necessary one though.

It’s great I figured this out, because in spite of my fixation on Fi, I am not using this function as well as it could be used and I never thought of what could be improved but now I’m starting to have some clearer ideas about it. Though not completely clear yet… because obviously balance is also necessary, it would be a bit too much to filter all the water perfectly, take out everything else, kill the fish, take out all the mud and leave the lake perfectly pure. (now I’m seeing huge machines doing this in an Fi-Te horror scene :)) )

Sorry for this diversion that has nothing to do with Ti void, I just thought it was important and it came up in this context.

Oh, and about Ti and being beyond subjective experience…it just sounds different from how I usually operate, but closer to the ideal. It sounds like the right thing to do, that’s why I started checking if I had this experience too or not. But now I think I must only focus more on purifying that water. :))

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