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  • Type: SiTe
  • Development: l-ll
  • Attitude: Seelie

What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?

Hrafn is an allusion to my namesake, and to all the thoughts & memories connected therewith.

Where are you from?

The North

How old are you?

I guess I’m a very old millennial

What’s your gender?


What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

Seeking to learn more about myself, and feeling perpetually uncertain about what type I was.

After I first became interested in the MBTI system, back when I was in high school, I intuitively felt that types were intrinsic and maybe genetic. I Google-stumbled into a pseudosciency system called Brain Types. Despite all the red flags, it fit so well into my preconceptions about personality types that I didn’t really question it for a number of years. (OK, I was also sort of gullible at that age). Eventually I lost interest in Brain Types, and gradually recognized that it was sorta bogus. Ostensibly, I took Jungian typologies with a heavy grain of salt after that. But somehow I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was actually something to them and I actually had a true type. For a long time, I wasn’t sure whether this was because my mind had been permanently shaped by my earlier exposure to it, or whether there actually was something to my gut feelings on this topic.


What did/do you type as in other systems?

As I said above, I felt perpetually uncertain about my type in the MBTI system, because none of them seemed quite right. INFP was the closest match, and what I usually identified as. ENTP was a close second, oddly enough. Knowing, as I do now, that I’m a polarized SiFe explains to me understand why I was conflicted between those two types. Even before I discovered CT, I had come to recognize that I had heavy Si, but there’s no way I could fit in as one of the high-Si types in the MBTI system.

On the Enneagram I’m some combination of 9w1, 4w5 and 7w6—probably in that order. Sometimes I’m uncertain about that as well, but I see the Enneagram as more of an art than a science, and I don’t feel convinced I actually have a “true type” in that system.

In the Brain Types system, I eventually decided that I must surely be an FCIR (Front Conceptual Inanimate Right) – aka ENTP. They claim that something like 50-75% of the population is FCIR’s. I never saw any actual criteria for differentiating Brain Types, though, aside from some vague things about motor movements. I suspect it was mostly based on impressions. Interestingly, I’m pretty sure the founder/CEO of Brain Types is a similar shade of SiFe as I am.


Do you have a partner/lover?



Do you have any kids?



Do you have any pets?



Life motto?

I dunno, there are a number I could choose from…

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
–Dr. Seuss (the Lorax)

“We are contaminated by our encounters; they change who we are as we make way for others. As contamination changes world-making projects, mutual worlds—and new directions—may emerge. Everyone carries a history of contamination; purity is not an option.”
–Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing


“Moderately wise a man should be
Don’t wish for too much wisdom;
A man’s heart is seldom happy
When he is truly wise.”
–Sayings of the High One


Favorite Flavor?

Mmm, there are too many to choose from. And it depends a lot on context.

I like Szechuan peppercorns because they have such an unusual & disarming flavor. I like hollandaise sauce because of the tantalizing savoriness that the lemon helps bring out. I like wild blueberries, especially when they’re fresh—they also have a tantalizingly acidic quality. I like kimchi, but as much for the way it feels in my belly as for the flavor itself. Also I love the flavours of garlic, maple syrup, capsaicin. In general I’m drawn to food with dark, heavy, savory flavors.



I don’t follow any religion, but I certainly have spiritual beliefs. Some of them are quite particular, but a lot of them are vague, fluid & not well articulated. I believe true spirituality comes more from images, gut-feelings, flashes of insight, “knowing,” etc., than from articulated tenets.


Random fact about you?

I love all the seasons, but especially fall & winter.

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