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It seem like Auburn cleared up the really important stuff pretty well especially TiNe l-l-. However, you may still be in the air about TiNe-Si. Lucky for you I have a fascination for the ego-fixation, which maybe unhealthy. So if you wish you can had over here…… scroll down to the 10th reply and you will find my first reply. If your replies in this thread where in that linked thread I’d would have said the following:

As TiNe-Fe: You’d be a Compass of the Fe realm of conscientiousness. In short Ji of the Fe realm. In a nutshell TiNe brain with a Fe mind.

Right now I am wondering weather or not I’d rephrase it to … TiNe l-l- brain with a Fe&Ne mind. Adding l-l- might be kept, but adding &Ne not sure. As of recently it seem like we’re left to determining our own ego fixation without aid of visual objectification. Yet I feel like this part of CT is the most alluring of our innermost desires inviting basis and inaccuracy. So if you choose to choose… do so with massive skepticism. DONE!

You can set your chosen ego on your profile like this:

On an added note… check it:

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