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Maybe your getting to realize it for myself, but to be honest with you a lot of this depended on context from the last forum. I suspect that I have gotten narrow minded and took out too small of a segment from fae’s reply. I so then my mistake @fae.

With that covered… I think there is still something to savage from this would be shipwreck. I’ll start with what I pictured and that was an image of whole bunch of guys using logic to determine if a personal god is good or not. Then I thought why not ask those who use it? If they think it works for the better good for them. Not to overly mention his ass again: Einstein seemed to have what could be describe as a personal god or a whole god of Einstein’s own personal interpretation. With all that said I ask if this makes sense: Reason: Einstein uses logic to improve his understanding and therefore well being; Application: Einstein’s believes works for him and he is happy as hell;  Meaning/Truth: Einstein is working for better world in his own way.

PS: No manner how I phase it I feel this under-layer of bullshit as I can’t help but feel like I’m covering my ass… at least partially. It is like truth is this flexible substance and if you fuck around too much it will completely fade away.?


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