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Preclude: I kind of strung this together; mostly from thought I was already having, while throwing in some of the concepts shared in this thread.

Just started mature my thinking of deism and perhaps theism. I’m starting off with the “personal god” and I may or may not move on to a “whole god”. Seeing as the human brain must have physiological processing limitations, which even genius have at some extent. I think I am starting to realize that there is a natural consequence for when man is the possessor of himself; as well a natural consequence for when man let an “idea” possess himself. If both are decently understood one of these consequences maybe more preferred over the other. If a consciousness is the possessor of its own projected (thoughts) self-concept it will easily overload its processing resources (thought capacity) as it’s feedback-loops(feelings) overwhelming backfires into the self possessed consciousness. If a consciousness allows its projections to own its self-concept, the possessor projection might maximize processing resources and purity feedback-loop backfire; leading to a sensation of effortlessness within any and all circumstances including imminent death of said original yet non-self-possessed consciousness.


PS: This does make me wonder about Einstein’s deism.

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