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@XxIlluminisxX – I love Death Note ! I didn’t watch the anime but I read the manga series and loved both Light and L and the whole cat and mouse game between them. I did not read the ending though because after a certain event I stopped caring (I think you will guess the event but I don’t want to spoil it for others).

Regarding age and being more outgoing, yes, this can happen especially if your job will push you in this direction. In high school and college you can stay socially introverted and this will not impact your output but in certain work situations you might need to be more outgoing to obtain the desired results and though it is hard at first, if you are put in these situations often enough, you begin to adapt to them more and more.  It does take some time though. 3 or 4 years ago I was still not capable of doing some of the things I do now. Now basically my intrinsic shyness can still be seen but if I need to get a point across, I do it, even when opposed to people who are much more experienced in their fields than I am in mine and who I actually look up to. And I try to build rapport, no matter the age difference or the background. It does not always work but 9 times out of 10 it does. I think it’s important to always think that everyone is human and there are always common experiences to talk about. CT also helps, cause when you recognize someone is using a function, he somehow becomes easier to build a connection with. He becomes less of the CEO with a political background and more of a Te dom you let explain the process he is thinking about showing the little milestones on a scheme he is drawing in front of you and after he has finished, you can then take the paper and point the alternative milestones you propose, using Te in a similar way. You can try to look like this to teachers or other authority figures in your life…I think it’s pretty fun and rewarding. <3

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