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But is this pure water and the silent observer the same with the Void?? Cause I thought this is the case but now, reading your post, I feel I am missing something. My void is still mine. Still a subjective experience… of being a pure lake in which everything reflects. :)) I perceive it as pure and potentially free of attachments, but not as beyond subjective experience, since seeing the thoughts come and go (reflecting the birds as they fly above the water) is still a subjective experience, I am the one who has it ! (even though I am sure everyone has this same mirror in their mind, this mirror is consciousness itself, I think)

I like your use of the water metaphor. I used the same metaphor for Fi in the Attunement & Purification section. What you describe sounds to me like:

“The Fi user will be a rationally motivated individual but one who does not eliminate the information of their body or emotional register, but instead uses it as a compass to discover what is simultaneously the reality of existence and the truthful way of “being” in that existence. Approaching this nexus means eliminating any incongruencies that might muddle the path to that purity and knowledge.”

“The principle motif for Fi becomes “attunement.” It becomes the aim of the Fi user to be a calibrated tuning fork, capable of giving the right tune no matter what the situation may be. Over time the Fi user becomes keenly aware of the dynamics of the heart and tries to pierce through into a transcendent actuality not muddled by personal feelings and hang-ups.

One thing that I think needs further emphasis is that Fi does strive to be un-muddled and unbiased, in the sense of not being unfairly self-interested, but it’s not unbiased in the sense of removing the subjective factor. I might differentiate it as:

Fi: Clarity through proper reflection, “objectivity” by using oneself as a properly calibrated instrument, that can read the situation fairly, while still using oneself as the antenna.

Ti: Clarity through dissociation, “objectivity” by removing oneself from the situation, and viewing all things as an outside observer.

This also reminds me of your Fi-lead friend, and how she tries to reflect back the truth of people, by being an antenna that can faithfully represent their essence in artwork. Fi seeks ‘truth’ of a universal sort, but from the inside-out. So it’s not really a dissociated void, as much as it is… a clear lake surface, precisely as you mentioned. But the lake (Fi) is still there, reflecting the night sky and constellations.. while never actually going away into it (Ti).

Epistemic Disagreements:

Now, it could be argued that Ti never actually succeeds in being removed from the situation. So it can seem a little presumptuous to other types, when Ti talks about being “beyond subjective experience.” To be fair, I don’t think Ti actually ever leaves the bias, but the internal experience is often as such. There’s an internal dissociation from the ethical function, so that when Ti performs its processing loop, the ethical functionality is outsourced to its polarity and it has to access it (Fe) from a roundabout channel. And although Ti+Fe working in unison can produce similar effects, the two considerations are merged in Fi.

In the end, an Fi user can be clearer about truth than a Ti user, if their attunement is more faithful to reality, while a Ti user may miscalculate reality by being so removed that their view becomes myopic and ignorant to their unconscious bias, existing in their dissociated polarity (Fe). So no type or function has a monopoly on “truth” and the description of Ti’s metabolism is certainly not meant to be a free-pass to it.

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