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Hello ! πŸ™‚

, this post clarifies some issues for me, because recently I asked some Fi users if they thought the Ti void was the same as our Fi – inner essence. I think one of them agreed that this might be the case and I honestly believed it must be so, since everyone should be able to reach their essence/the truth in a way or another.

But now you put it in a different way and I am not sure if I was right or if the void is something unreachable/incomprehensible to me.

Usually I can’t see reality beyond subjective experience, I don’t look at it from that angle. The most relevant thing is my subjective perception of reality; reality itself seems to exist only to call forth feelings and insights, like an art work. And I believe this sounds self centered…and it IS. πŸ™‚

But I see it like this – what is more important – what is really there or what I, a human being, perceive to be there and feel about it? And for me, it’s the latter ! I am not even sure there is something objective there to start with, I could easily believe it’s all Maya, illusion.

And now to get to the part about the void. What I noticed isΒ I can meditate and see my mind as a quiet observer and the thoughts floating through it or…above it, like birds flying above a clear lake. I read this in a book, and when I tried it myself, I realized it was true. I could see it.

And I believe my inner essence is the pure water, not the birds. Because the birds will always be different, so it would be absurd to identify with them.

But is this pure water and the silent observer the same with the Void?? Cause I thought this is the case but now, reading your post, I feel I am missing something. My void is still mine. Still a subjective experience… of being a pure lake in which everything reflects. :)) I perceive it as pure and potentially free of attachments, but not as beyond subjective experience, since seeing the thoughts come and go (reflecting the birds as they fly above the water) is still a subjective experience, I am the one who has it ! (even though I am sure everyone has this same mirror in their mind, this mirror is consciousness itself, I think)

I hope this makes sense, cause it is hard to express. From one point of view, it seems like we might be talking about the same thing but from another, it seems like we are talking about different things. I don’t feel I am looking at reality from the outside, I feel like I am reflecting…what can be perceived (cause I can’t know if it is real) in a mirror that is my inner essence. But… it still is what I perceive, I am still in the center and the world is above me and the reflections of the world are inside, the difference from general day to day life is that in this case I let them move freely without trying to catch them and possess them…but still, still, this is about the mirror and not about the world. πŸ™‚

Maybe this is actually an Ni thing? Or Fi & Ni?Β  I’m curious what you think and I believe it would be wonderful to really discern Ti void from Fi inner essence, because there seems to be some overlapping between them or it’s more like 2 dwarfs who dig one from a side of a mountain and one from the other side but if they dig in the exact opposite directions, they could meet somewhere on their way. But coming from totally different points. πŸ™‚

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