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So when you do feel comfortable around others, what kind of interactions do you like having? (Playful, silly ones? Intensely personal ones? Nerdy/Geeky ones? Philosophical ones?)

Hmmm… I feel like I like all of them, but I think the conversation I like to have depends on the mood? And also, I try to guess whether or not the other person will be interested in a particular topic. If I think I see that there is little interest in the topic, then I try to switch to another one. I think that as long as we are both engaged in the conversation, the type may not matter at all, haha.

However, I probably like intensely personal, nerdy/geeky and philosophical ones the best. Or maybe just no conversation at all, but with the other person and I just sitting there in silence (but not in awkward silence though :p). With intensely personal conversations, I think I just like the way we can open ourselves up a bit and share experiences and our vulnerable sides or something? Those convos feel sorta liberating and they overall feel very nice :p.

Also, I like conversations about human nature and other related topics, so I get a bit interested in those kind of discussions in my English class even though I don’t participate in them, hehe. There’s one particular friend of mine who likes to talk about human nature more than I do; whenever we talk, it’s always cool to see her views on human nature and morality from books, anime (Death Note usually :p), movies.

– Eyyyy I was more outgoing as a kid as well! Maybe I’ll be more outgoing once I get into adulthood? Haha, maybe it is somewhat age-related :p.

– Same! Well, sort of. :p I don’t think I’m totally interested in communication either….

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