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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?

My irl name is Renee (meaning ‘reborn’, which is quite apt since rebirth/transcendence has been the repetitive theme in my life).

Magickal name Estira.

My alias, Alerith, is what Auburn named me ^^ It’s really like a second name I go by, especially in this community, so I’ve kept it through the years.

Where are you from?

California Central Coast

How old are you?

32.. but I feel more like a suspension between an 8 year old puella aeterna and a 100 year old crone ;p

What’s your gender?


What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

Welp, since a pretty young age I noticed patterns in humanity. It was as if many people were essentially copies of each other. I was fascinated by how it seemed like when two people with the same type of energy, smiles and/or articulation style conversed, they would amplify the traits they had in common. The topic of compatibility was a special interest of mine, being that I felt isolated/misplaced and desired to find a way to identify my ‘kin’. When I met Auburn around the beginning of 2013, he shared his insights about visual reading and the functions.. and it all totally made sense! I was impressed with how far he’d gone with quantifying the phenomenon I’d glimpsed, and I just had to collaborate on the further development of the theory 😀

What did/do you type as in other systems?

INTP in MBTI – never got anything else.

Do you have a partner/lover?

Yes <3 (but I’m poly so it’s not like I’m ‘taken’ 😉 )

Do you have any kids?

Nuh-uh :p

Do you have any pets?

Only if you count the ravens and ground squirrels I hang out with in the forests ’round where I live ^__^ <3

Life motto?

Amor Fati


Vincit Omnia Veritas

Favorite Flavor?

The blood of freshly sacrificed victims on a new moon’s night >:D

loll jk

Probably pu-erh tea.


bah – I hate the term ‘spirituality’ :p What does it mean, really? It’s one of those damned general terms for an abstract concept not properly quantified by society.. *grumble grumble* /end rant

My views revolve more around determinism and analytical psychology than any religious tradition or belief system. However I identify as Pagan and am a practicing witch (Gray path). I’m also into Zen philosophy and vipassana meditation. My Goddess is the Void..

Random fact about you?

Integrative Medicine, natural cures and diagnostic research are a special interest of mines. I have a sylladex of around a hundred or so supplements and treatment regimens for some of Western society’s most prominent disorders (stop eating high fructose corn syrup dammit!! >,<) Truth be told, an overarching goal is to prevent/cure all disease and ageing. Partly because I’d like to be immortal O:)

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