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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Seelie

What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?

Animal asked me this. It’s literally a Ne parody. I was registering for the forum, and I was like “Oh shit, it wants a username. Why am I never prepared for this? It’s so obvious it’s coming.” I was drinking tea and pictures Mike Myers “Cawfee Talk” segment on SNL and maybe even Hyacinth Bucket’s pretension. I thought they were funny. I like the sound /t/ a lot. I like the alliteration. I like tea. I like the parody Tea Time conjures which, for me, is laughing with my friends with a little bit of philosophical musing. (“The women come and go, talking of Michaelangelo” but less pretentious.) It also sounded like Te-Time in my head.

I’d rather not use my real name because I still live with the delusion that I can say whatever I want about whomever I want and keep myself and friends/family anonymous.

Where are you from?

I’m from The Yay (specifically East SF Bay).

How old are you?

Of age.

What’s your gender?


What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

My interest in Jungian Cognitive Functions (JCF) has waxed and waned over the years. I always came back to them because the distinctions seemed to exist in my psyche – though hazy – before I found them, so that made them seem “real.” I was convinced that we model the world differently across quadras and that we have inherent social biases due to function differences.

I first came across CT from a website called TiUnblinking. That was… 2013? CT was still in its infancy, bit I had tremendous faith in it.

What did/do you type as in other systems?

By frequency: ENFP(p) = INFP(j) > INTP > INTJ > INFJ

Do you have a partner/lover?


Do you have any kids?


Do you have any pets?

A dog who thinks he’s a cat. He’s definitely a dog version of me. Likes to nap, knows you’re asking him to do something but just walks away.

Life motto?

(in progress)

Favorite Flavor?

Depends on texture and temperature.


(in progress)

Random fact about you?

I’m not fun, but I always have fun.

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