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Elisa Day
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@auburn I’m confused too. Very confused. That was just a memory of mine that may not have even happened. My sister tells me I make up most of my past.

I suspect that the chronic dry eye makes me blink a lot more than what seems normal to me from what I remember from before the chronic dry eye. It also causes me to look like I’m in pain, though I tend to just ignore the pain. That may or may not be true though. There’s no way for me to verify as I have zero video footage of myself from before making those videos for you. Anyway, I don’t think those things would have any impact on the perception axis tho, right?

I suppose all I can really do is finally get these eyes treated and try again when they are healed.

Also, yeah, Socionics has SOME similarities between their V.I. System and CT, but there are some differences. For example, SOME Ne dominant subtypes in Socionics will toggle their eyes, but others won’t:

Gulenko NeF description: ”The ethical subtype has “shooting”, “darting” eyes, the playfulness of which seems very natural. The intuitive subtype, when not in communication, has an expression of surprise written on his face, which he slightly lifts upwards.”

There’s no mention of darting eyes in NeT. He just says their eyes appear “blurry.”


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