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Re: ESFP “They don’t mind walking around in pajamas” “They’re comfortable with who they are.”  Yes!

He mentioned the ESFP who wears pajamas and dresses for comfort, and the ones who dress up attractively in a ‘typical’ way.  He left out the third type of ESFP, who dresses up as an art piece to express themselves. The aesthete, who wears their Fi-Ni “identity” on their sleeve.  For me, my body is a canvas upon which I paint my inner world.

And I know other ESFPs like this, I don’t think it’s just me. In this there can be overlap with FiSe.

That said, it’s true: I’m comfortable in who I am.  This is why, although I usually dress up to express myself in a striking way, I also can go out in my pajamas if this is how I feel inside that day. Basically, like the video said – I do what I want!

I went to school wearing pajamas if I felt like it, too. And also stuff like this (me in 4th grade or so):

I also agree with being severe, tough and willing to confront adversaries, rather than “light hearted” or joyful.  I appreciate that the “light hearted people-person” ESFP stereotype is corrected here. People might admire my passion and willingness to be who I am – but this is not the same thing as being overtly social.

“They just show who they are; they lack the need for pleasing/harmonizing” — yes.

“ESFPs are going to show up however they want to look like, they do whatever they want to do.” That’s right. Rawr.


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