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It’s to the idea of a “personal God” generally speaking: to one that can hear your prayers, one that has a concern for whether or not you get the job you want, whether or not your child gets cured of cancer, etc. The “father please watch over Robert, and his son who’s going through a rough time right now” type of God. And this is not a minority view among those who believe in God, as far as I can tell.

Yes, it’s the majority view, but why is it a problem? It’s fine if someone doesn’t prefer this conception, but if you’re gonna go further and mock something like militant atheists do, you’d better do it on the basis of reason, not preference. I like vanilla better than strawberry doesn’t justify mocking strawberry. There’s no logical reason I can find to insist that God must be impersonal. An infinite mind with an absolute freedom, why exactly can’t it be interested in whether I have lice in my hair or not? It created the lice, the hair, and me, after all, and is utterly aware of all three at every instance of their existence.

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