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Elisa Day
  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Love this! Super helpful and I’m so grateful you made this!

I’m starting to think your first assessment about me was right, @auburn. At first glance when I compare the FiSe and FiNe pictures the FiSe stands out as looking almost exactly like me overall. HOWEVER, when I really examine closely at small details (something I struggle with) I notice that I do have the eyebrows of the FiSe but the shape of my eyes, and the flesh around it, is exactly like the FiNe eyes. Wild! The FiSe eyes are a totally different shape and I can see what you mean now by the “taughtness.” There isn’t any of that… puffiness like there is in the FiNe.

The Ne is also quite apparent even when I look at pictures of myself as a kid. Maybe I’m an unusual case because I inherited intensely frowning, arched eyebrows from my mom’s side, so I just automatically ruled out Ne/Si because of that. Also, I admit I have trouble seeing details in faces and I just look at the overall picture. This tool really helped me see that.

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