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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

@Tea, I must say it is comforting to read about experience of “architectural flexibility” from another PeJi l–l.

I had read that last segment, about SeTi, a few time more than the ones above. All of that is fairly accurate. I don’t know if I can speak for most SeTi; I like choosing the singular course that seems to be hidden from what’s within plane view; I have this hunger to get the edge and think from in early adaptive perspective. Example: NiFe-Se says “yeah we can totally profit from a bitcoin miner” SeTi-Ni “Bro all the big corporate white collars have regular bitcoin under control. So we’d have to think about where cryptocurrency is trending next; then we must foresee the initial cracks that only the small guys can fit through in order to make real a profit.”

Se and options: I’ll see one way to do something. Try it. Then at that initial motion of starting one or two more alterations of the overall action comes into visualization. In a nutshell options may come to us in a serial motion of events.

Need for absolute certainty: I get where coming from. Less sure about this than anything else. 1: It might not need to be said, but this need sounds like Se or Si with little to no preference for Ni or Ne respectively. 2: Sounds like Enneagram 8, which I wouldn’t be surprised if they always had little preference for N. 3: It wasn’t to I got to my late 20s did I have the “bottom line” plus “walk with no talk” as backup weapon for almost any scenario among envy driven passerbys and wannabes. In a nutshell ?? IDK… IDK why I even referenced it… IDK

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