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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

@Bera - Love your reply... in good way it reminds me of how all over the place I can be myself.
Without further ado its time for good old Ti nitpicking?
Ni- finished
You mentioned Models and sophistication with use of Ni. I think Reviser might use Ni differently than Conductors. Conductors JePi and PiJe seem to have complex models with Ni and Si. JePi(s) seem to move people in and out their model. PiJe(s) seem to have it there as support.  For myself as a Reviser Ni user I seem to keep moving from one model to another even combining a little bit of this with little bit of that. I may write something out that is very Ni heavy and than have someone debunk some aspects about it. Once they debunk it... the only thing I see is how to rephrase it in order to accommodate each perceived error EVEN better yet; find out what general sense of bais the debunker is coming from and rephrase it in order to make so that they are wrong if I am wrong. In a way Reviser - Pi feels like aikido or jiu jitsu... to me at least. Lastly it comes as a accidental spontaneous kind of sophistication.
Your wondering about weather you will be still be in the real world... is something I might be able to learn from an SeJi i--- as oppose to giving likely false advise toward(not that you asked). As for myself either I am at a level of reality that has surpass the physical, cultural, and social or I am totally nuts. To make things even more confusing I may go back and forth through these extremes in order to arrive at a reality surpass the concept of "I" and stuff-???  And now I'm sure you kind of get the point so be careful.
One more thing Conductor - Ni may stick to a set way of doing something; where as Reviser might offer a semi-set-way and make slight alterations each time.
Te - unfinished - please don't read!!!
I wonder what I could have you try out when it comes to pushing your Te buttons. However, I will admit I am having a confusing time with positioning Te in relation to myself simply as a SeTi-Xx lxxx. Te; along with the behaviors, motives, and natural gifts associated with enneagram number ONE. Te and ONE seem to me to be very similar and I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the only one who thought so. Firstly, I take the side of blaming parental/environmental nurture for enneagram, ego fixation, and development (Mind). Secondly, I take the side of blaming genetic nature for the "order of ones cognitive functions" (Brain). I once had mini addiction to Ben Sharpio's political videos. During which I found a lot of his qualities show up in myself as I handled whatever I perceived to be unfairness. After seeing that Ben was judged to be TeNi-Se (at one point on this website) it became even harder to separate Extroverted Thinking from Enneagram One's mythology. In short: I suspect my relations to ONE because as child I perceived the rules and disciplines offered by my single parent to be unfair in comparison to what was offered to my peers; indeed it could have been worst, yet that was what I perceived at as a child and that was what partially made up who I am as an adult. To make things more complected.... to be cont.
Critical Parent: Here where things get asymmetrical. I feel like I need to be very careful about how I go about what I'd like to say here. I will start with Critical Parent. This involves Socionics something I suck at; don't want get into; and don't recommend new comers look into until they have gotten very familiar with CT, which seems to much more digestible for me at least. If anyone were to ask me question about it... well... awkward! Now Te is suppose to be my Critical Parent. My eight cognitive function order stack is as follows; Se, Ti, Fe, Ni, Si, Te, Fi, Ne.  Functions 5, 6, 7, and 8 it is the area of what others call of shadow, unconscious, inactive, or low emission. I might call the 6th function: shadow, unconscious, active, and high emission. As you can see Te for me is in place number 6. How it seems to show up? Good question. In a crap way of describing... it is suppose to show up in the middle of my conscious manipulation of my first four functions doing Te like things such as: linguistics, error checking, and alignings all by it self. Although I am not completely sure it is there I sometimes feel that it must be doing something.

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