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I agree with you both for different reasons!

I think EQ and CFs  are definitely different things, but perhaps they must always go together when the EQ is active. For example, if you have ‘drive’, then you’d naturally be inclined to How-to/Process thinking. If you have a strong compass, you’d naturally be inclined to use what-is thinking extensively. If you have the Pi kinda ‘caution’, you’d be naturally inclined to develop an extensive map/longe-range view, and if you have the exploration instinct you’d be inclined to the Pe-kind of horizontal pattern tracking.

BUT, it’s possible, though perhaps not probable, (though this is my very strong hunch) that it doesn’t work the other way around. You can have How-to/Process thinking without necessarily developing drive; What-is thinking without developing ‘integrity’/compass instinct; Pi historicity without developing Senex caution, and Pe tracking/horizontal patterning without developing the explorer instinct.

For example, Puff felt strongly about his Si access (and full disclosure I feel the same about mine given my very strong proclivities for the Si elements Aub identifies) but he has no Senex energy. I don’t think we should be dismissing that kind of feedback/data. Instead we should be finding ways to account for it.

In Puff’s sense, Si would be kind of a servant energy. Useful but in the background. But not in any way “undeveloped” IMO. I feel the same way about my Si hoarding, routines, precedents, anecdoting, love of History, and tracking things very extensively across time, in great detail (trivia etc). I have no senex energy, but no one can tell me my Si is undeveloped IMO. It’s just a backseat useful servant rather than a main player contributing agendas and priorities.

On the other hand, I have little drive (minus the last 6 months of sheer necessity) and very little taste for process-thinking, though I’ve improved some. I just am too averse to Je, poor me. Don’t know if it’s ever gonna be overcomeable, this aversion.

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