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  • Type: SiTe
  • Development: l-ll
  • Attitude: Seelie

From my personal experience, what I usually see is that energetics tend to follow perspective and the lense associated with that perspective. It takes modulation into a state to extrapolate energy out of it and depending on this state you get a general feel for things. This is most noticeable with I-I- types where your double extroverts unapologetically take up space, and your double introverts peer in like owls.  Often double introverts can modulate into an extroverted energy quadra – but it’s likely to be sloppy and out of place compared to a person who natively sits there. Energy depends on the moment that it’s in and what you’re modulating… It’s awfully hard for me to picture a I— Si dom who has Pe energy all the time without Pe developed.

So to this extent Energy =/= development because it lacks the psychological capacity to register data at a sufficiently proportionate level to the dominant function. In regards to development it leads to the question -> “Does sufficient vultological signage indicate development and to what level is implied usage.” I don’t think that modulation without consistent appraisal makes for development because development implies usage at a reasonable level in regards and conjunction to the main POV. The lack of consideration should be denoted as – in development. Momentary adaptation and modulation shows considerate but not integrated POV.

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