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I agree, Aub, but I think the Ego is a composite, it doesn’t choose just one function. I agree with you about this:

This video about the ego is quite interesting to me. I see the ego having other vital functions in the psyche aside from self-protection, so I find her a bit more condemning of it than is necessary, but I do think she’s generally right about the negative consequences it can have.

The tendency to condemn the ego is I think because of the influence of Eastern thinking. As I understand it, the goal of a ton of Eastern spirituality is to annihilate all individuality. Individuality in all its degrees is something kinda ‘off’.

I don’t subscribe to that thinking and I think Jung didn’t either. For him, the ego is simply consciousness. All in you that you can see and identify as ‘you’ is included in ego. All you can’t is the unconscious. (But we can distinguish self-concept from energetic investments, which latter is I think what you’re referring to for the most part.)

That’s why, more and more, I’m convinced the ego is not attached to any one function but is simply the totality of what ‘feels like me’, and excludes what ‘doesn’t feel like me’, in a type. It’s a matter of awareness vs unawareness.

I think the idea of everyone choosing their ego type is a good one. The only problem is it assumes there are no misunderstandings about the type descriptions in the first place. Sometimes a ton of ‘Not me’ complaints are more about an erroneous understanding of the descriptions/functions/types etc than a genuine ‘not-me’ scenario.

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