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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

That’s interesting, @auburn!

Yes, I agree. You can develop all four EQs but not all eight CFs.

FQs: Yes, we are born with our FQs, as we know from how CFs tend to run in families. I’m not sure how we become the different types within that quadrant, though. Why I was NeFi rather than TeSi or FiNe or SiTe, for example. Tis a mystery.

EQs: I think the EQs are “natural powers” of the will that start as mere pulls or inclinations. Four typical ways in which our libido is channelled through ‘choice’.

When fully ‘conquered’ by the will (what we call ‘fully developed’), they feel less like inclinations/tendencies/pulls and more like powers. It’s then we say a person can just call on them at will, as need arises, and they show up without much hassle. (When you talk about ‘modulating’).

When not under the full control of the will, calling on them feels like climbing a steep hill with a load on your back on a hot day. Or just plain impossible sometimes.

So it makes sense that they often develop from necessity, as a person is plunged into situations where developing these powers becomes do or die. We are then forced to ‘do the work’ of developing them and we become willing to endure the unpleasant early stages before it becomes easy.

I think looking at spiritual literature on the development of ‘virtue’ we may possibly find that a lot of it is about developing EQs, described in different language and with different frames.

Their origin? I’ve no idea. The one energy or life force has that one instinct to “be/do”; to self-actualize. I dunno how it splits into four other instincts. Or perhaps there are more than just four, who knows?

I think your idea from evolution is a great way to understand how that split may have happened though: To execute, you need observation. To respond to a myriad random options, you need a non-random way to choose. Hence Senex and Compass energy. That doesn’t sound bad to me at all.




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