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  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Directive

1) Do the themes associated with your first function resonate with your personality and role in the world?  How does that function manifest, and which themes of the descriptions are ‘not you?’

If there’s anything I’ve always known about myself and seen as the core of who I am, it’s Ti and the way it’s explained in the description. I was aware of all those Ti traits in myself growing up and used to think they were pretty weird or didn’t understand why I had them. I looked at others around me and no one else seemed to have the same thing so I thought I was totally alone in it and had the weirdest way of thinking. This would often make me feel misunderstood and isolated but it also made me attempt to explain my Ti to others as if it was the strangest phenomenon that only I knew about.

I also craved to find an answer to my way of thinking and understand where the hell it was coming from. So when I then came across the Ti description, I was completely blown away. It described the way I saw myself and my way of thinking to about 80-90%. Everything in there (except for the light Ti myth), I had experienced first-hand many times.

I also have a lot of experience with the Ti myth and even got stuck in it at one point before I managed to eventually think myself out of it.

So I’m not gonna list the Ti traits in the description and comment on them since I would basically only give the same answer — which is that I relate — to everything anyway. I mean sure, maybe there are a few things I could nitpick but I still relate to the principles of the traits, which is what matters.

However, even though this trait has been taken off of the description now, it might still be worth mentioning that I, like other TiSe’s here, have not experienced “lack of presence” much. I think there was a short time when it fit quite well though, but overall, no. Or I should say, the healthier I am, the less likely it is to apply. And I also agree that it contradicts with Se which can make it harder for a TiSe to relate to it.

2) Do other people see you in the themes associated with your first function?  Have you received feedback about these qualities from others?

I would find it strange if they didn’t so I imagine that most people would think it made sense if they knew I had been typed as a Ti-dom. And not long ago I had someone describe me and I was very surprised by how it all sounded very Ji and Ti.

However when I was younger (from about 8-16) I expressed a lot of Se and also embodied parts of the Se myth. My friends told me that they saw me as someone who was made up of two very contrasting sides which both essentially represented Se and Ti respectively. That also happened to perfectly coincide with how I saw myself at the time. Function-wise, I felt about 50% Ti and 50% Se but was super Ti ego.

3) Is there another function theme – aside from that of your first function – that resonates more with your personality and role in the world? If so, how does it manifest?

There’s no function that resonates more than Ti as far as I can tell. But Se, and even Fe, can sometimes be a close second.

Either way, I only relate to the functions I am said to have and would at this point in my life rank them as Ti>Se>Fe>Ni, or sometimes Ti>Fe>Se>Ni.

But going back to when I was younger (8-16), I think I many times embodied Se more than Ti. That was basically against my will though because I felt pressured to be more Se than Ti to cause less friction with my environment. During that time I wished that I could have fully embodied Ti, and because I didn’t, felt like I’d never gotten to truly be myself or show my true self to the world.

I had a hard time accepting Se as a genuine part of myself for that reason but that didn’t stop it from having a force of its own and showing up wanting to be expressed over and over again. Pushing Se away would also often drain me.

So even back then when a function other than Ti was very active in me, I still thought that Ti resonated with my true self the most.

4) Is there a certain “shade” of your type that you match?  If so, which one and why?

Not sure what you’d call the shade I am the most (I find that I can be different ones), but I think what my profile says is part of it (||– + directive. Although I can be adaptive in certain situations).

With shades like “The Poised Actor”, I very much get where it is coming from and could be like that myself if I wanted to, but I choose not to since it would feel inauthentic.

And in the right situations (or perhaps even in general sometimes), I can imagine being able to relate to “The Technical Specialist” and even “The Ace Athlete”.

5) How does your personality and role in the world compare to the other people in your type category?  (Note: this comparison works best if you find people with a similar profession or set of interests.)

Even with some TiSe’s that I think have vast differences from me, I still find that there tends to at least be something in terms of their type that I relate to. For example their Jiness, having an Se trickster side or how they express their Fe, etc. Or if I don’t relate to the expression of their type much at all, I may still get where they’re coming from (like what I said about The Poised Actor for example). But I guess that could apply to Betas in general even though I do find it significantly harder to relate to the other Beta types in the same way I can relate to other TiSe’s.

From my experience, the TiSe’s that are Fe>Ti in their preference have been the ones I can relate to the least — especially if they’re also not very individuated in their Ti and Ji.

But statistically, I’m not sure I would relate to TiSe’s more than any other type. There is obviously more that has to fall in place than just sharing the same type. Still, in order to find someone really similar to me I think they would have to be a TiSe.

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