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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Updates made to the Se Profile:

Se: Behaviorism & Mythology

Se: Vitality & Volition

Se is also characterized by a sense of volition, as their linearity of focus quickly translates into a clarity of desire. There’s an implicit knowledge of what is wanted and, as a Pe function, a craving for its attainment. The Se type will be a go-getter; motivated to gather what it wants in a literal sense. Se will leverage the environment to work for them, being opportunistic and making the best of what they got. And the quest for this attainment will carry a delicious competitiveness, giving Se users an added layer of vitality, but also of a self-assertion in reality. The Se user occupies the place where they stand, making their will known by their very composure. Then, as they lock onto their target, they inadvertently create adversity as opposite wills may always exist and chase after the same or competing resources. This only greater fuels their thirst for stimulation and arousal, as they get immersed in the hunt. The challenge of going after their pursuits will be part of the very flow they so delight in navigating.

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Note about Se vs Je

I have had my reservations about including an aspect like this in the Se profile, the way it exists in Socionics, because I find there is room for conflation with Je. But the distinction, I found, exists in that Se’s volition arises from the pursuit to gather (Pe) – and  to do so as a source of stimulation. To “chase” with vigor and vitality. This is different than the “structure and control” aspects of Je. Se is “go for the prize” while Je is “establish a hierarchy/authority.”

In this way, Se’s traits can be properly understood as emerging from Pe which does have a ‘drive to attain’ (as a Scout) so there is a consumptive vector towards the object. But with Ne this chasing-after-hypotheticals doesn’t manifest the way chasing-after-actualities does in Se.

Still for Se it’s out of stimulation and flow, so it’s more akin to how a wolf/dog likes to chase things. And to continue using the wolf analogy, the Je would be present in how wolves might like to organize the pack into a hierarchy. But the two instincts are different.

Let me know how this sounds to you guys, and if it helps improve the Se profile into greater alignment with psychology.

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