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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

I am unsure if TiNe-Si means that Si has ”replaced” Ne, where as TiNe I-I- just means that Si is conscious, but not at the expense of Ne

Right! It’s the latter. TiNe with developed Si.

How do you relate to Ne? 🙂

Ne: Behaviorism & Mythology

Also, this might be interesting:

A relevant article on distinguishing “function compounds”

Metabolism: Practice Principles

In the CT model, it’s not considered possible to have both Ti and Fi, or Ni + Si, and what appears to be both in a person is a mixing of energies. So a TiNe’s “FI” is an effect of Ti+Fe, but never copying the computation of Fi itself. The behavioral profiles on this site are approximated emergent properties (the end-effects) but those can sometimes be generated by a combo of other functions. This is a bit different than other models who allow for 8 functions.

Btw, welcome!

Since we have so few TiNe l-l- samples, we don’t yet know the implications of it. One guess is that having Si conscious but under Ne may give a pseudo-NI quality, mimicking the effects at one level, while lacking the metabolic processing. But this is part of what we wish to uncover with our new members so your thoughts are very valuable. How would you characterize your experience of Ni?

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