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  • Type: FeNi
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Good article, I like the description of Pi here, it seems a bit more nuanced/based on the emergent properties rather than necessarily tied to some preconceived idea of what it should be. Reading this article and comparing it to the Ji article I have become even more convinced by the possibility of my Ni leading Ti. I will write some thoughts point-by-point here:


Pi: Global Narratives

I am always focused on such explanations. I look at things historically, genealogically, and I explore theories along these lines. When asked by someone to explain a concept such as the mind/body problem I tend to give an account of the context in which the problem arose, as well as what the main thinkers thoughts about it, and how everything ties together. The history of ideas and of thought-schemas/paradigms has been one of the most stable sources of intellectual interest in my reading and in my thoughts. The sense that to understand what something is one must understand its origin and its final destination.


Pi: Philosophy & Counsel

Again, yes. Most of my interpersonal relationships see me naturally gravitate toward the role of counselor and mentor. Even to my parents on many occasions, or people much older than me. I have a stable worldview and philosophy and can draw easily from it to place a person’s problems in a larger scheme of things, giving a proper sense of significance and importance.

Pi: Steadiness & Temperance

Again, yes. People close to me would describe me as very stable and settled. My views don’t change much across the years, nor does my style, preferences, or much else. For the most part I am cautious and don’t rush into things. I like to have a good understanding a something before attempting it, though my Se having recently come into consciousness definitely introduces a counterweight to this approach, that, however, remains, subordinate.

Pi: Probabilities & Predictions

Yes, a sense of inevitability has always been with me. I saw myself doing a PhD in Europe from a very young age. And more generally I predict things all around me, from plots in television and entertainment to the unfolding of political and social events. And this is in a different way than what say my SeFi gf would do, where the prediction is more relating to the immediate future, based on a single observed detail or gesture that has off here or there. My prediction seem broader and more long-ranged than short-ranged.

Ji: Identity & Individualism

Yes. and no here. I wouldn’t say I have this obsession with expressing how I truly am or achieving this. I would agree to the sentiment of wanting to “embody whatever would be the most perfect and beautiful manifestation of themselves according to an ideal they envision in terms of ethical values, character and aesthetic”, changing however the part about manifestation of “themselves”. I want to embody the most perfect manifestion, period. There is no clear personal sense in my vision here, it feels more a-personal and timeless to me, more like embodying an archetype than finding my true essence and perfecting it.

Ji: Idealism

Again, a bit of yes and no. I can be idealistic in some setting, but no one who knows me closely would use this adjective in their top ten to describe. It’s there, but doesn’t dominate. I do have a strong sense of what is not-right, of what is not-north, but I don’t defend it at all costs. I think wise compromise is more important toward the realising, or more towards approaching ever more and more, some ideal that will never be manifested in our world.

Ji: Nobility & Conscience

I value these traits highly, but I am not haunted by how I fail to achieve the ideal. I do strive to live up to the highest standards of honesty and truth and virtue, but I don’t pursue these with the zest that seems to come through in these descriptions.

Ji: Pickiness & Perfectionism

This is the most descriptive trait, and I would say I embody this one the most on an ongoing basis. I do “[direct my attention] towards the criticism of outer structures. It will manifest an acute attention to detail in their crafts, and be picky about shapes, colors, textures and forms”. This trait shine forth very strongly in my research and high standard of proof and argumentation, even if in an informal context.

Mythology and Humour:

I don’t think people associate me to a princely energy, and I don’t really see it in myself. I don’t think I come off as super poised and polished in that technical/sleek way most of the TiSes (both here and celebrities) do. People close to me would say I embody a more senex or kingly archetype than a princely one. Likewise, I am not really melancholy. I do tend to be pretty phlegmatic however.

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