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@SupahProtist - in my case, I think doubt comes mostly from Fi. But Se also has a contribution, because being open to alternatives implies having to choose from them, which inevitably leads to reviser doubt.
I think there are many, many things you don't know and you will never know for sure. For example, no matter what people here or in any other place say, you don't know what comes after death. No matter what you read, what drugs you take, what extensive spiritual practices you try - you will never know for sure what expects you after death. You have to choose how to live without knowing it.
Another thing you never know is what other people truly feel. No matter how deep the connection may feel, you will never merge with them completely and see their thoughts as if they were your own or experience what they feel as your own feelings. There is always a wall separating you from the others. There will always be some level of doubt and you have to choose what to do despite it.
I had this interesting situation  with a friend these days. A week ago she lied to me twice. I found out from a common friend. She is one of the closest people to my heart. Really, really close.  So, since she lied to me, I bumped into the wall again, actually the Wall, the one in Pink Floyd's songs, you know? :)) I came to the conclusion that I don't know and that I will never know for sure if she feels exactly the same way I do. I will never know her motives for lying. And if she has moments of friendship and little failings or is altogether not as immersed in our friendship as I am. And without ever knowing, I decided to keep her as a friend. Because it is in my power to be there for her even if she is not 100% there for me.
I think Kierkegaard solved this issue but I read him a long time ago, I didn't read anything philosophical for years but you guys somehow always bring all these things back to me. So, what was it that he said...? Oh, yes, that you should take a leap of faith if you don't know and can't know.
Basically, I think what he was saying is that true faith means taking a leap without knowing the truth. If it were based on knowledge, how could we claim it is faith? 🙂 So, this is a possible solution, I think. You do not know. You accept you do not know and take a leap of faith. This way you can have a meaningful life instead of pondering forever about things that people will never know.
Personally, I don't really follow this idea, especially not in religion...but I might do it at some point. Right now I'm just saying it is a possible solution to the situations in which you don't know the truth. (which are most of the relevant situations in life, I think 🙂 ).

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