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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

@epickalypze – interesting ! I do feel like an explorer of the Fi realm. More than an explorer of the world, generally. SeFi brain with an Fi mind, yes, that certainly feels right.

– Thank you, I hope this perspective serve you well!

I don’t really know how this works, what you have to do to develop them (and this is actually the most relevant thing :)) ). I’m not sure if it was explained anywhere but I will try some experimental approaches with Ni and Te.   This is basically why I joined this forum, I wanted to develop functions. :))

Be careful daring

  • You may not comeback to be the same as what those closest to remember you to be.
  • There could still be plenty of growth to be had even as a l—.
  • So long as you get results that are better for you than an llll that should be all that manners
  • I see l— as a force of concentrated purity.
  • As an SeJi ll-l there has been many times where I wish I could just do something without thinking about it to oblivion
  • SeJi l— are some of the most lively people in the world and SeJi ll-l will rarely have it and mostly seem to fake it.
  • I find myself trying be like a SeJi l— every now and again for sake of inner freedom, yet if I tried to explain the process to a SeJi l— it could just be weirdist shit they ever heard of.

Yet it is up to you. So for your careful consideration here are some pages below.

8 Development Levels

Self-Improvement and Self-Mastery

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