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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

@SupahProtist If I had to guess I’d say you possess an SeTi brain with a Ti mind as an Explorer of Ti Realm. I’d possess much the same as you, only with responsibilities over the Ni realm.

It is interesting as someone who so has so much in common with your typology I have not yet felt the need to deconstruct all my believes. Rather more of the opposite is true which seems like fitting my believes into everyone else’s; much akin to a never ending puzzle.


Random thoughts:

Breaking it Down:

I do kind of breakdown concepts that separate my believes from the masses. Crapping Example 1: I’m I dumb… well what is dumb as well as smart. Can you make them measurable? What if instead of appearing to be smart you manifested results that where clever, original, elaborate, enlightening, and effective relative to that of the accusers results? As long as one can keep that up such titles hold no weight. Crappy Example 2: I have aspirations that are not in harmony with everyone else’s around me, yet I have to be careful not fall into trap of believing everyone else is wrong. Doing so aggressively has attracted aggressive evidence of others proving that I was farther form the truth than they.



Supah, how close is this to your thoughts?

So far I believe there are undesired consequences to asserting any intention toward anything that can be used against the asserter OR cause the asserter pain if token away.


PS: So far I have been working on the following: Not worrying about being certain about everything and only working off what you are certain about. It seem like common to me at first, yet I had it backward. Do you think this help you in some way or maybe not?

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