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Elisa Day
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For some reason I wasn’t able to populate a curser on my last post to continue writing, so I have to do a double post now.

To continue:

“They may sever their connection to others with surprising ease, and forget the magnitude of their inner affect. What is non-ideal is rejected as they continue their pursuit for the ideal both in themselves and others. Yet the content remains present but buried in the unconscious, and they may harbor unresolved feelings for years at a time – often freezing their heart in the process.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is why I ended up in therapy and why I am interested in individuation to begin with. I talked about this in the “lead function undervalued” thread as well and the other Fi users could not relate to me. Right here in the Ti description is what I was talking about, and then my unconscious haunts me for years. This is the unhealthy pattern I’m attempting to deconstruct!

“Multiplying and dividing large numbers in their mind, memorizing π to dozens of decimal places, or playing a chess game entirely in one’s head are examples of the sort of exercises that may be fantasized or achieved.”

Yes! This was mentioned in one of my videos as well. I talked about how I do many art projects in my head but never on paper. My art has nothing to do with myself. They are completely detached from my personal feelings and experiences and totally about tools for exploring universal conceptual truths.

Also one more thing to add about the crystalline structures:

Often I describe my thinking as a Jenga puzzle and I’m attempting to fill the holes for a more stable structure, but people often keep pulling out the pieces and sometimes the whole thing collapses and I have to build it back up again.

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