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Hello ! 🙂

I experience doubt all the time. It’s not so much that I think knowledge should be abstained from, no, not at all. In my case, it’s mostly the belief that everyone is right at the same time…to a certain degree. And that it’s hard to determine who is more right.. on the right and wrong scale. :))

Usually in conflicts or even in simple exchanges of ideas I can see all points that are being made. If I don’t see them or don’t understand them, I am still open to the possibility that if I did, they might have a grain of truth in them.

So, in general debates that people are having, which don’t have a real impact on real life, I usually bring to light all points of view I can identify. I might show more interest in one or another but usually I do express doubt. Sometimes in a subtle way or as a joke. But it is still there and people can take it or leave it. If they take it, we start discussing the opposite point of view. If they leave it, we keep the conversation going about the first point of view we were exploring.

In real life situations, it’s trickier because I’m not sure what is true and what is false but I know what I want. So, first I analyze if what I want has any negative impact on anyone else by using empathy and if the conclusion is it does not, I start thinking how to  do it. I think this is the way Fi – Te users usually function, more or less. And since I already decided what I want and that it is ethically correct, all I have to do is to take the necessary steps to do it. So, there is no more question regarding knowledge…or, well, there is, I gather knowledge about how to do that thing, for example, if I want a job, I gather knowledge about what I have to do to get it. But this type of knowledge exists and is attainable. 🙂

I also have many moments of indecision but they don’t come from not knowing something but from not being sure if my potential actions would be ethical or not.

Do you know the trolley problem? 🙂 It’s something like – Do you let a trolley run over 5 people tied on the bottom track without doing anything or do you pull the lever to switch the track so that it only hits one person who is tied on the upper track ? You must keep in mind that pulling the lever is an action to kill someone, or as people say, pulling the lever is murder. :p

In this wonderful case, it’s pretty clear, I would pull the lever – one death is better than 5 deaths. But many situations are more nuanced. And I have to sit and think and foretell all the possible consequences of every action I could take. And here is my place of reviser doubt. Because being Pe lead, I see a lot of possibilities. 🙂 And this just makes every situation highly complex. What if the woman on the upper track is pregnant? What if the 5 people on the lower track are murderers? What if a kid sees me pulling the lever and will repeat this action in the future in a situation in which he shouldn’t? :)There are many, many what ifs.


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