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  • Type: TiSe
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What has been your ego journey?
What attitude has felt most like you, and why do you think you may have come to affiliate with it so heavily?

I suspect that I had my ego invested in Sensation as a child. I just wanted to play, be a pirate and use this giant cherry tree as my ship, or be Spider-man and swing from branch to branch… I was outside a lot. I also liked to build awesome anything-at-all with Lego’s and K’nex – never following any manual, no cages for me. I wished life was more playful and adventurous, just like my imagination. Boredom was my hell.

Come teenage years, I grew exceedingly socially anxious, and started noticing that I noticed more than others. ‘More’ or.. different things, at the least. I learned that I was less interested in what people had to say as much as how they said it; this revealed a trove of information to me about people’s fears and motives. Everybody wants something, and it usually isn’t what they say it is. Myself included. Slowly I would become more interested in ‘types’ of people and I began to observe these patterns, unaware of the field of typology. People’s reactions became predictable and my past issue of boredom got aggravated, so I ran away into video games and into online reality, whatever-the-hell-it-is-I-do-there (I don’t even know most of the time). I started to actively look for archetypal patterns in stories, mostly via fantasy and mythology, primarily with the aim to find my own archetypal role in this world. This projection of the human psyche onto stories and our collective escape from our fears began to fascinate me more and more, and it wouldn’t take long before I found the Enneagram and the MBTI and… Now I am in college, studying psychology. I have become predictable myself, at last.

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