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  • Type: SeFi
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  • Attitude: Unseelie

From another thread:
I’m SeFi with Ni ego, and my father is NiFe with Se ego.  His Se is developed. My Ni is versatile, and shows up a little, but not yet fully conscious.

The basic implication is that he values being a realist, and doesn’t care about that which isn’t evident to the senses; yet he picks up all the underlying trends in the world and can articulate them with tremendous depth.

I value spirituality, cosmic rhythm and the underlying trends in the world, but I pick them up kinetically and experientially, by being part of movements (whether it be online or irl) and extrapolating trends correctly from the patterns that occur thereof.

I learn kinetically, by being ‘immersed’ in the rhythm of the world, he learns more through observation and collecting information. At the same time, both of us equally value information that we experience with our own eyes. For instance he is not the type to get caught up on academic bullshit that he hasn’t experienced himself; he always sees trends as they apply to reality that he has personally experienced.

For Se/Ni, there’s a sense of ‘as above, so below.’  What occurs here, is a pattern; and that same pattern occurs ‘out there’ – in another culture, another species, another dimension etc, ad nauseum. My father has more nuance in breaking down the trends whereas I have more nuance in being a vessel through which they emerge – representing them moment to moment through clothes, music, anecdotal stories like fiction writing and characters; “showing” not  telling.  My father can “tell you” how it works with tremendous nuance, and I can show you with tremendous nuance.  Yet he values doing & producing & creating, and I value the observation and contemplation of underlying trends, and applying them in a more cosmic/spiritual way.

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