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  • Type: SiFe
  • Development: l-ll
  • Attitude: Adaptive

One more thought on this….In the sense that ego means something like “the overarching story I tell myself about who I am,” I feel like my ego is more like a pattern of relationships to all four of my different functions (or perhaps even to all eight that are floating around in collective consciousness) rather than a fixation on only one of them. I perceive these relationships as complex, nuanced and variable rather than binary or easily quantifiable.

On the one hand, that’s not to say I don’t associate the attributes of one function with myself more strongly than the others. But on the other, my internal experience is fluid & holistic–it’s not chopped up into blocks of Si, Fe, Ti & Ne. So I feel like the story I tell myself is more context-dependent–in certain situations, I might naturally tend to champion one function’s attributes. But in other situations, maybe I would feel annoyed by that function and seek solace from a different one. If the first function kept nagging at me, perhaps my self-esteem might suffer, or perhaps I might grow to accept it and give it a more deliberate role.

It just occurred to me–I hope this thread wasn’t specifically meant for talking about NiTe things.

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