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Elisa Day
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@bera I think my main beef is with the terms “conscious” and “valued” and how they are being used here, but I think I may have it straightened out. Jung says our dominant function is always conscious and our inferior cannot become conscious.

Socionics says our first and second functions are valued, conscious, and represent our ego which is how we see ourselves. Our superego functions are also conscious, but they are not valued, and it represents how others tend to perceive us until they get to know us well. The ID is strong but unconscious and unvalued. This would be the Jungian shadow.

CT seems to work entirely differently and I’m more interested in cracking the code than talking about emotions and feelings right now. My apologies for not answering your guys’ questions, but I thought about it all day and couldn’t find a satisfactory way to word what I was thinking. How I perceive myself may have nothing to do with how I actually am anyway.

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