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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

@Eliza Day – so, you think you are not typed right? Or do you think you are FiSe but for some reason Fi doesn’t feel conscious?

I can’t relate to what you said about being cold and robotic and it’s even more confusing because you are a seelie Fi user and Fi lead.

I relate to what @Septimus Rosa Chalier said – I feel very strong emotions almost all the time. VERY STRONG ! I do act in a placid way at times, but I am almost never indifferent to what is happening.

Also, feeling cold is highly unusual to me…if you mean cold like calm, neutral – I almost never feel that way. I am usually cheerful (which I think is warm), but with lots of variations during the day, from ecstasy to despair and again to ecstasy. It’s somewhat like the heart beats showing on a monitor, the ups and downs <3 .. but the middle – the general starting and returning point – is one of enjoyment of life, often stirred by little bursts of fun.

I feel this is warm – not hot, not burning the world to the ground :)) – but also not cold. This is my default state and then emotions go up and down and up and down constantly. I think it’s consistent with being SeFi.

I don’t think you had unhealthy Fi all your life. But what you say does sound very different from what I experience. Maybe you really use Fi primarily in order to filter things and keep them at a certain distance from you? And maybe a LOT of them just remain outside of your reach, so there is not much more left to feel because you put a wall between you and the main feeling triggers? I mean, I do this too, but I still have a lot of very strong emotions. But maybe you do it even more and you managed to somehow push everything far enough to counter the Fi permeability and hypersensitivity??

Also, there is a part of the Fi article called Alexithymia and dissociation. Maybe this is what’s happening?

@EpicKalypze – interesting ! I do feel like an explorer of the Fi realm. More than an explorer of the world, generally. SeFi brain with an Fi mind, yes, that certainly feels right.

– exactly, I also value spirituality…but I don’t know if I learn through movement. I also collect information and learn things from books. It’s hard to say if I learn more from direct experience, I could agree but I’m not sure. You mean you learn things by doing them? Because I can agree with that, but not completely, since I learned many things just by reading about them. Can you expand on this idea? Or give more examples?

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