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Elisa Day
  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Adaptive

“due to the fact that the use of Fi implies a permanent stimulation of the emotional register.“

Is that true? It doesn’t really feel like that for me. Most of the time I’m pretty indifferent and “blah” to things. It takes quite a lot to offend me and one of my most common feedbacks is I’m infinitely patient and way too tolerant of others.

Emotions do occasionally come up in overwhelming tidal waves that pummel me down halting productivity and shutting down the assembly lines tho. Sometimes completely forgetting how to feel gets me into the most trouble. My unconscious side is cold, robotic, and ruthless. It actually sounds like the unhealthy part of the Fi description which is the part that resonates most. The rest of the description actually sounds like other people I know. So much of my environment is filled up with that Fi description I can’t imagine it being undervalued in others. Maybe that’s me projecting (my shadow?). Maybe I’ve had unhealthy Fi all my life.  That’s extremely possible. I’ve always attempted to adapt to this Fi mentality I experienced around me because I thought it would make me “cool,” but always felt I fell short. Perhaps that’s the inadequacy thing you were referring to.

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