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So… I think I read Umbi’s post as the mechanics of emotions and not at all that it’s chemical…

I see feelings as being pretty much immediate, visceral, rich, and I love them… I’d rather feel something than nothing… I feel like there’s a thought and/or memory behind almost every feeling… and loads of feelings behind thoughts and experiences… sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re not so good…
But I would say they’re pretty immediate and easy to conjure.
I see thinking as being more long term and calculable than emotions, but emotions are not without logic or meaning or reason or necessity… I think the mysticism of emotions lies in what the logic meaning is and, for some people, why people prefer them to analytical long term braining.

Thinking is fun… I like to think… It’s like brain candy… But there’s a point where I have to run around like a crazy woman with mud on my feet, paint in my hair, screaming songs, with a mouth full of chocolate, and a coveted mug of coffee in my hands! It just has to be done!

There are so many benefits to feels! I think the best and the worst of them are social… interpersonal relations go better for me when I’m out of my head and into the person… Also, as illustrated above, when I’m releasing my feelings and throwing them in the sky or on a canvas or in my writing… My fiance used to get a lot of poetry 😛  I like telling my kid’s stories… I love my kids, playing with them, running amok…

It’s hard to separate my personal experience enough to make an analytical post about why a computer couldn’t embody these things… Or what mechanisms go into my more emotion based processes…

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed… in those moments, it’s like peeling feels off a pile of feels to find the one that’s actually what I need to look at and move forward from…

Emotions are magical


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