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I do agree with you that mysticism is part of the emotional experience. But I’ve seen that it is possible to make the meanings associated with experiences conscious, therefore changing the emotional response. At this point in my life, after going through a lengthly individuation process, I’m actually no longer capable of being ‘taken’ by mystical feelings or beiliefs. I’ve found being aware of the actuality of what’s going on frees my will from the grip of emotional causalities. I can still feel mystical, but the original profundity has been traded out for practical understanding.



This really caught my interest. I've gone through a lengthy individuation process myself, yet it seems my aims and conclusions diverged from yours in some fundamental way. If it's not too personal or invasive, I would be very curious to hear more about this journey.  I'm particularly interested in what you mean by 'mystical feelings and beliefs' specifically, and what it's like to feel mystical but not be 'taken' with them.  I've also developed a lot of practical understanding of what emotion is and why it's there (for myself and others), but my emotions have become deeper, more connected to the collective unconscious as you mentioned; my heart has become full of love and forgiveness, without having to stifle anything... everything feels alive, raw, real and natural.  It's easier to cry when I'm sad, to be vulnerable and reach resolution with my loved ones, to express love and needs, to be there for others, to listen, to be present, to feel at one with the world.  Emotion once felt like a raw nerve, isolating and embarrassing me, but now it more often feels like vital energy, connecting me to the cosmos.
I'm curious how this worked for you, and when I have a chance I can talk about my individuation process too and why I reached the conclusions I did about emotion.
It seems to me that someone's emotional balance is personal and there's no particularly "better" or "correct" way to individuate, even if in the end, we're all after something similar. What do you think?

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