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@Thanatesque – I also think maybe this is one of the reasons some people neglect their first function – maybe we do everything related to our first function naturally, like breathing or walking and because of this we don’t even fully notice we are doing these things.

I am also interested in astrology and I have some basic knowledge about interpreting birth charts. Yes, the correlations between aspects in birth charts and certain predispositions as well as real things that happen in people’s lives don’t seem to be pure coincidences.

I also appreciate Se for giving me some aesthetic sense. I think I have pretty good taste but I have no artistic talents.

Actually a friend who is a psychologist told me I am visually inclined and that it’s a shame I didn’t try a career where I could use this skill, like one in advertising.

I think tarot combines Se’s appreciation for beauty and Ni’s aphoristic tendencies and love of symbols.

Another thing I noticed is I tend to attract and be surrounded by many talented people. I can’t make art myself but I can understand where they are coming from and I am very supportive of them and their life paths, especially since I highly value artistic talent – so, I tend to encourage them to follow their passions and I think they appreciate it.

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