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  • Type: NiTe
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I would imagine receiving information from our 1st function would get redundant and mundane. We naturally and reflexively perform (or are) our first function so why dwell on it any further. When I typed at FiSe, I saw Fi as mundane and boring, not worth personally talking about. When I was younger I admired and probably even fetishized Ni and Te (even before encountering typology) because I saw those cognitive functions as just within my grasp but not quite. Ironically enough, I’ve been correctly typed as NiTe and I’ve come to realize that I’ve always used Ni consciously and primarily, and that my Te has been a bit underdeveloped but its getting there and I’m getting better at utilizing it more effectively and naturally. Growing up and even a bit now, I’ve always felt doubly introverted, Ni and Fi, so therefore I’ve been juggling between FiSe and NiTe.

I’m a Ni dominant that’s interested in mysticism, the occult, and astrology and my interest in those subjects has intensified over the years, but this wasn’t always the case. Though I’ve always had a nascent interest in mysticism, my interests were always towards the hard sciences, social sciences, and philosophy. I was more into empirically and academically rigorous subjects (though when it came to philosophy, continental > analytical, but I appreciate both). But I honestly don’t know what triggered my intense fascination with mysticism. Maybe I wanted to delve into subject matter that better articulates and expands the limits of the perceptions that I already have. In the past, I thought astrology was bunk mainly due to the fact that I didn’t quite understand the system. But once I studied my and other people’s birthcharts, there were too many specific parallels from my life and theirs that were echoed in those charts for it to be coincidence and confirmation bias. So there’s something to it as far as I can tell. Nonetheless, I’d say on average I’m more interested in engaging Te and Se than I am Ni and Fi. I want to ground and manifest my perceptions in concrete reality since only then do they become meaningful and substantiated. I want to leave a lasting mark on my environment and me being stuck in Ni land won’t get me there.

A special mention must go to Se because I’ll always be fascinated and mystified by this function. When I try to engage Se, it’s highly calculated, unnatural, and awkward. Strong sensory impressions have a strong impact on me and sometimes I need stronger and more impactful sensory stimulation in order for me to get out of my head and into the present moment. At the very least I have an eye for aesthetics from for purely for what something looks like to its symbolic meaning. Strong visual impressions really trigger my Ni and Se and the whole interplay between those polarities.



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