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January 28, 2019

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What are Emotions?

@umbilicalsphere @teatime - Yes, precisely. Umbi you are brilliant.
Where the ethicists have it right is that this bio-computer is immensely relevant to us, and has millennia of wisdom that we should not discard lightly. To say they are "just" bio-chemical algorithms is to undermine something that is highly intelligent, and a kind of sub-folder of the akashic records.
Yet we need not mystify emotions. We can both see emotions as entirely mechanical processes while honoring their sophistication as our first approximation of how-to-be in this reality, and also not use them as exclusively the only source we rely on for our processing and decision-making. After all the neocortex developed new centers/layers of processing to compete against the older computer and override it when necessary (the brain is highly self-inhibitory) and it would not have done so if it --too-- wasn't necessary and evolutionarily advantageous.

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