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Purr, I love your posts. And I love that you did it holistically. 🙂  Often this is best for me too, but with the Se post I was too divided and wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of the problem I was having with the descriptions.

Like what I did with the first question, I’ll speak more generally and holistically of the themes and archetypes of Fi since that’s the most effective way for me communicate, and I can’t see and experience these themes as separate and atomistic. They bleed and coalesce into each other for that. You should be able to parse out the themes and archetypes. Anyways, integrity of the self, identity, and consistency of principles have been enduring themes in my life. It has always been important to parse out and formulate what’s “me” and what’s “not me” and understand what that entails. I have a duty to understand, order, and embody my values or else use are they? And most importantly, what does that make? Having an amorphous sense of identity can be disorienting even existentially terrifying at times. What and where is the foundation I stand upon. Likewise, I can be ruthlessly critical towards those who I deem are living in bad faith/dishonestly whether it’s purposely or unconsciously (usually it’s an interplay of the two). No matter what they do, that’ll leave a stain on my perception of them and a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll fixate on, and even verbalize my misgivings, if they don’t resolve the misalignment themselves. The reason this severely grates on me is not only does the mismatch come off as loud to me with them and everyone else don’t see or refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room, but it shows a lack of integrity and denying one’s obligation to oneself. Granted, to live in bad faith is in itself a defense mechanism, a way to assuage the potentially ego destroying assaults life grants to us. To a degree we all live in bad faith, but for some it’s more pervasive than most. Or theirs just happens to be louder and more noticeable. To live in bad faith is to waste your precious time. To live in bad faith is to waste other people’s time because you are giving them a false you.

On the other hand, this is why I have an affinity for animals: their purity. I don’t mean purity in seeing animals as innocent or through an idealistic light, they just are. They have their own complexity but they lack the over-complicated bs that humans possess and dwell on. Animals are straightforward and instinctual. Human complexity is fascinating but maddening, both awe-inspiring and moving, and treacherous and paradoxical.


I couldn’t agree more with this. The single quality that pisses me off in someone else is a lack of integrity. And what I mean by that, is they’re inconsistent  with themself. They are talking a talk but not walking the walk; etc.  I understand that most people cannot do this perfectly; I sure can’t either. But at least make an effort, ffs!  The willingness to have a complete lack of integrity with oneself is The Number One turn-off. I don’t care if they agree with my values (though there is a limit if they’re inhumane), but what I do care about is that they at least strive to live out their own.

And the part about being an animal – yes. This is why I strive to be in touch with my most animalistic, base instincts – to embrace my own undercurrents in their pure, unbridled form. Animals always made more sense to me, innately, than humans.  And I agree with you on the meaning of ‘pure’ – pure isn’t about being ‘good’ or ‘perfect,’ but rather, just being what you are, nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, part of being human is complicating things mentally, and that is what we are. So I have dedicated a lot of attention to the balance between the animal, the human, and the symbolic/sublime. I strive to balance my animalism with my humanity and, through doing so, embody divinity.

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