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Just moving my answer from the old post :

1) Do the themes associated with your first function resonate with your personality and role in the world? How does that function manifest, and which themes of the descriptions are ‘not you?’

Heightened focus : Yes, especially when I’m reading or watching a series, it is impossible to talk to me unless you yell at me to get me out of what I do. I also tend to get distracted by stuffs in conversation and miss half of what the other person is saying.
I do like when a piece of art is realistic, mostly when I’m doing it, I can’t stand the idea of it being out of reality. In other work of art this concern tend to disappear.
I often notice and get annoyed by people making too much ramblling or tangent.
I think I am good at learning physical skills (gymnastic and dance mainly).

Flow and improvisation : Yes, rythm everywhere. I have high difficulties not moving in a certain rythm, for example when a music is playing, being off beat. But it’s also that when I see part of a landscape I tend to imagine half of what I see and that creates a general impression of harmony, that can disappear when I focus on the detail. It’s almost the contrary as above : pointing precisely on a target vs. Belonging to a whole.
When I’m excited it really seems like I’m fllowing with the world in real time, and I feel very very powerful, like nothing can stop me. It’s really something that I seek, and tend to be emphasized when I’m with people ; that’s when I « show off », and I feel like I have a certain charm, even though I don’t think it’s a serious kind of charm. But definitely something that would characterize me as extrovert.

Boredom and restlessness : Yes, but not that often. Maybe being always connected helps. I need time to spend on my own doing nothing, really nothing, just chilling. However when I was alone in Lapland in the snow for 2 months straight with almost nothing to do and noone to see I went totally crazy : hyponchondriac, my head felt like cotton, I couldn’t think straight. I was definitely loosing it because of restlessness.

Edginess & stunts : That is not really what happpened in Lapland. I felt the need to run in the forest actually, but it was just like going jogging with music in my ears. I’m not a risk taker at all. I am really fearful, I stress a lot when I take risk for my health and it’s a terrible kind of stress. I tend to appreciate intense experiences, but that is not in the form of risks. Rather feeling the wonder of, say, the night, the strange impression of walking in a forest at night maybe, or looking at the stars.

Persistence effect : I don’t really understand that one. I get, like most people, annoyed when a baby cries in the plane, or loud sounds when I’m trying to fall asleepL. I do tend to focus on the disturbance, get irritated and even angry.

Maximizing comfort and stuff looks like what I do. I don’t think that it is different for non Se users.

Ergonomics and aesthetics : The look and general feel of an object is indeed important. I often compare ugly shoes to ugly faces (with too big or too small noise, or a dummy look), my hairs to rocky landscapes that can have a too sharp or too stupid edge.
I love simplicity and efficiency, but I don’t like when something it too smooth, it feels shallow. There must be something to hook on, something striking, something rugged. I’m definitely not into trends and brands, I like things durable (but that is coherent with the point : I like objects that are easy to use, durable and beautiful), that change with time and can actually develop a richness thanks to what I lived with them.

Sensual energy : I don’t know, but if it’s there it might be linked with the unleashed flow and improvisation mentionned above.

Addiction : Yes, series mostly when I’m stressed. But that seems more like escapism (see below).

Delinquency : Not at all. I would feel bad ! And I’m too scared of the consequences for me. I really dislike being stressed and that definitely would.

Trickster : Idk really. What I know is that I tend to annoy people by being too excited and/or because I am VERY tactile. I often touch people, sometimes I randomly smell my friends or touch their clothes because I feel like it lol.

2) Do other people see you in the themes associated with your first function? Have you received feedback about these qualities from others?

Well I have a friend that calls me : « the troubadour of the XXIth century » but that is mostly because it pleases me a lot I think. I am definitely vulgar, I swear a lot, people have noticed that and told me it gives a bad and not accurate impression on who I am.

3) Is there another function theme – aside from that of your first function – that resonates more with your personality and role in the world? If so, how does it manifest?

Yes ! That is a thing that really confused me and I never took the time to answer Auburn’s questions about it. I’m doing it now.

Ne felt really right for me. Here is why.

Daydreaming : I’m always doing that. The sentence These images are not immediately evidenced in the environment, but are all those which the environment evokes by containing an adjacent graphical relationship to the present describes quite well what I’m experiencing. I think the removed from the reality part is a matter of degree, because the examples given are not realtable to me, a bit too random. Nonetheless, I’m experiencing the mecanism : sensation → impression of woody texture→ imagining following the wolves into a forest. More generally I tend to grasp something in the real world and connect it to a place where I would rather be, something I would want to do, or simply imagining this thing being destroyed or burnt. I think my daydreaming might be a little more litteral and focused than what Ne users would experience, but given the text it was hard to know that and was really relatable to me.

AND The domain of their imagination can be far more interesting to them than whatever is happening in the outer world. Some may nurture this world with stories they make up, complete with characters, landscapes and perhaps an entire legendarium is what happens each time I’m walking alone. Even when it’s just walking between two classes in the hall. Even more when I’m listening to music, which I do all the time of course. So that lead me into thinking I was Ne, as this was actually one of the most accurate description of my descriptions. Along with some others we are going to review.

Lack of attention : Depending on how you interpret it, my lack of attention can be due to the fact that I don’t Se focus on my class/discussion, but it can also be just a pure lack of attention. When listening to others, as they’re absorbing the person’s words, one word will trigger a mental tangent midway and they’ll pursue it curiously at the loss of what else the other person was saying happens all the time, usually I disengage and start thinking/texting/researching on my phone. My relatives have noticed the look on my face (staas and Septimus Rosa Chalier being particularly good at it) when I do that and often make a remark to get me listen to them again.

Mass data absorption : Yes, as I said my tendency to binge watch series, rush through games that last a week end (happens less and less but still), rush through an astrology website during my class (happened quite recently! I blame bera   ), listening to youtube conferences for hours… And I relate to being more in the flux than in the information itself, which I often blame myself for doing (staas integrates data way better than me, maybe Pi conscious helps?).

Serendipity and flash visions : Yes, I solved the most difficult math problems by not thinking about them. Epiphanies are quite common as well.

Tinkering : I built radios and my computer, removed hard drive and recovered ancient datas. I still have all the drives from my childhood in case I need to recover some old text. I recently used Septimus Rosa Chalier paint spray and with our little brother we remixed one of Septimus Rosa Chalier ’s painting. I started playing the guitar, bought one and now Septimus Rosa Chalier uses it because my interest lasted like a month.
Now I’m into perfume and goes to the store to smell and try to recognize different aromas. I think it is not going to last long.

Puns and humor : That is the second paragraph to which I relate the most. I’m doing a lot of play on words and spoonerism. Actually I often reverse the syllabus of the first and laste name of my friends to call them differently. In college I was elected spoonerist of the class and had to invent spoonerisms to write them on the blackboard and people could try to guess them when they were bored.
I feel like I’m also finding absurd comparisons but don’t have any example here.
I nicknamed my whole family and call them by names I made up.

Imitation and parodies : I’m not good at finding the specificities of someone’s accent or imitating them accurately, but the gesture a little more. I take the gesture of the people I’m close to, and their expression if I like them, because I imitate them and integrate these imitation in my standard behaviour. I sometimes speak in slang because the words and expression are funny to hear; I repeat them and it becomes normal to me. That is linked to my vulgarity.

Distraction & escapism : Yup. I never want to face my problems and it takes effort to do it. I actually do it because I deeply fear the consequences (fearsome remember?). I usually don’t show negative emotions. The worst is when I have to have serious discussion with people. It is impossible. That lead to problems in my love relations, and sometimes people believe that I don’t care for other people because I can’t handle seeing them in a bad situation. I also prefer to show anger than vulnerability, because vulnerability is too heavy and serious.

Concerning the myth, I relate to the child like wonder. I often write that the world is unsufficient (did I already say that somewhere else on the forum?). I am nostalgic of when the world had some many possibilities in it, when I believed in magic and hidden forces. I lost most of it, and try to make it live through litterature (poems are the closest you can get to spells)
Mer is especially captivated by glittery things such as prisms for their magical capacity to generate a rainbow spectrum, by the allure of distant stars and the reflection of light on morning dew. Mer also carries with it a deep hunger for exploration and the undiscovered. It holds an eternal wanderlust that compels its user to see what’s beyond the next horizon or around the next corner. It looks up at the night sky with wide-eyed wonder suits me well. I realize it describes much more accurately what I described in the last part of edginess and stunts.

4) Is there a certain “shade” of your type that you match? If so, which one and why?

As I don’t know my type yet, I’m not going to review the judgement axes, and neither am I gonna find a shade.

Conclusion : My vultolgy being Se, and as I relate more to Ne than Se I think this might indicates that all the paragraphs actually fall under the category of Pe.

OR (psychological thriller theory) I’m so good at Ne imitation that I’ve lost myself in a Se character, which you will all agree is very well played.

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