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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

@faeruss – Basically at the time I first read the Se article I believed I was NeFi of FiNe. Which later on proved to be false. The interesting thing is I read that article and I did not relate to anything about Se from it. I didn’t feel any connection between myself and Se and I actually felt moved that there were people (Se users) who were so different from me and I thought I must be more understanding in my relationship to them. :))

After you guys told me I am actually SeFi, it took me almost a month to accept it and I only did it because vultologically it makes sense and because I do think of myself as highly Pe, so Pe makes sense, Se not so much but I don’t toggle. :))

With Se there might be many, many reasons for not accepting it fully and I mentioned some here and there. It’s not a likable function, at least in my opinion. If you write a story, most probably the Se lead will not be the main character or a nice supporting character, he will be the main villain. The antagonist.

The thing is I do feel a pull in that direction. And it’s not as much because of who I am as it is because of people’s perception of who I am. I am trying very hard to always keep good intentions. But somehow I can feel this is sometimes misinterpreted in some weird way, like people might think I am doing certain stuff because I want something specific (being an opportunist) and obviously I am doing stuff to obtain other stuff, like everyone else. But then they see something so evil and tainted in my intentions that I am a bit shocked discovering it. I wouldn’t think of doing anything truly evil but some people seem to be under the impression that this is my life’s purpose. :)) And if you look at it from this perspective, the Se description is tempting. Because if I went all Trickster at least I wouldn’t have to wonder why people perceive me as a…not very nice person; I would at least play the part others seem to expect from me.

Oh, and there is a big part of Se that I don’t find wicked but a bit boring and trivial – stuff that doesn’t matter and is not even worth discussing. Like Meta pointed out yesterday posting this song :



So, despite the wonderful dark potential 🙂 my only temptation to follow Se’s lead is the wish to just play the antagonist people literally ASK me to play. It’s a way of saying well if you’re asking for it, ok. :)) But I’m not that much in exploring Se stuff just for myself.

This is different from the way I see Ni. I also perceive Ni as potentially dark. In case of Ni though, I feel allured by it. I would like to experience it more for myself, not as a response to society.

That’s why I was saying we might focus more on the last function. I think that that one would be also easier to develop because it’s connected to the first and it’s somehow completing it. I don’t know if you guys came to any conclusion on lines of development, so if statistically usually people tend to develop certain functions first and the other ones later.


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